Liz Dolberg

Our family has been blessed to have these ladies teach our child. We have been with them for over 6 years and couldn’t have found a better fit. 🙂
*Enrolled from 2011- current*

Becky Palmer

Our daughter attended Rainbow of Promise full-time for 2+ years from age 3-5 and our son attended occasionally during the summer and other school breaks from age 5-7. Miss Irene and Miss Jennifer are the best and we highly recommend them. They provide an encouraging, loving and fun learning environment. This is not just a daycare where the kids play and watch TV during the day, this is a structured and well organized day for children. Besides all of the pre-school/kindergarten fundamentals, the kids also learn a respect and love for one another, sign language, songs and how much Jesus loves each of them.
Irene and Jennifer have a sincere love for God and children. They are also very family oriented and so incredibly supportive of each family’s needs.
The thing we love most about Rainbow of Promise is that our daughter had two caring teachers full attention and such a small class size, as well as how concerned they are about each child’s individual needs. Irene and Jennifer recognize that not every child is alike and each child that attends their program is lovingly encouraged to learn and grow in their own unique way. Their patience and enthusiasm is admirable.
Another thing that impressed upon us is how honest, understanding, flexible and generous they are as long as you extend them the same courtesy. They strive to keep their rates affordable because of their love for their jobs and the children that they care for. If you decide to have your children attend, one thing you can always count on is seeing smiling faces and great positive attitudes from both of them each and every day! Irene’s slightly sarcastic comments and Jennifer’s bubbly personality will brighten your day as you interact with them during drop-off and pick-up times! It won’t take long for you to realize how much they care, not only for each of the children, but for YOU.
To summarize, we absolutely LOVE Irene and Jennifer – they are very good at what they do – they are both excellent teachers and caregivers and our family is so blessed to have found them. Please feel free to contact me as a reference.
*Enrolled 2014-2016*

Laura Tellers

I cannot express how grateful I am to you both for all the guidance, patience & nurturing you have provided over the past years!
*Enrolled from 2012-current*

Sonya Crawford

I had my 2 yr old daughter in another home daycare from 2mos to 1 1/2 and throughout that time she never warmed up and always came running to the door as soon as she saw me. After being at HIJK (ROP) for less than a month she would see me and continue playing like I was bothering her! The girls have provided a home away from home and given such wonderful care, love and PATIENCE to her that it has made it easy for me to go back to work full time! Thank you!
*Enrolled 2010-2013*