What programs are offered?

 Below  you will see a short description of each program/class we offer.  Each year will differ slightly in what we offer, depending on the age/abilities of student enrolled.  With two teachers we are able to split into two classes if needed, or teach all children together.  

For the 2017-2018 school year, we will be offering a preK/Kindergarten classes three to five days per week, with full and half day options.*  
We will also be offering an early preschool class for 2-3 year old's, two-five days per week, with half and full day options. *
Please contact us with questions for younger children.

Our Programs

Early Preschool

Our early preschoolers will work on making friends, learning manners, cleaning up after themselves, communication, shapes, colors, sharing, learning patience, kindness, and following directions .  Diapers and potty training ok!  Early preschool is for children 2-3 years, 18 months welcome if ready.
*Early Preschool may attend 2-5 days per week, full or half day.


  Our Preschool program is for children 3-4 years old.  Potty training ok! Introduction to letters, numbers, math, science, calendar, and learning to spell and write our names!  Learning to play with others, being good helpers, and getting used to a class setting.

*Preschool is required to attend 3-5 days per week, full or half day.  


Our Pre-K program is for children 4-5 years old.  Getting ready for kindergarten, working on letter sounds, sight words, blends, early reading, addition/subtraction, science experiments, sorting, social, motor and language skills, music, and so much more!  Kindergarten readiness guaranteed!

*PreK is required to attend 3-5 days per week, full or half day.  


Our kindergarten program is for children turning 5 by December of the current school year.  We will work on reading, science, math, skip counting, handwriting, language, art, physical fitness, social skills, STEM, and more!
Our kindergarten program will meet all state standards!  We will have lots of play, lots of learning, and your little ones will be ready for first grade!
*Kindergartners are required to attend 5 days a week, full or half day.